Agriculture Multi-Span Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse Tomato Greenhouse and Strawberry Greenhouse Custom

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Agriculture Multi-Span Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse Tomato Greenhouse and Strawberry Greenhouse

Agriculture Multi-Span Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse Tomato Greenhouse and Strawberry Greenhouse

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    Garden Greenhouses

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    Place of Origin

    Guangdong, China

    Brand Name

    Sunshine Garden


    ECO FRIENDLY, Glass, Waterproof


    Hot-dipped galvanized frame


    30m/50m/60m or Customized

    Cooling System

    Cooling Pad Fan System

    Ventilation System

    Top Ventilation+Side Ventilation

    Heating System

    Water Heating System

    Controlling System

    Automatic Controlling Box

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About Sunshine
Since 2011
SUNSHINE GARDEN is leading in manufacturing home garden and hydroponic grow equipment in China with 12 years OEM & ODM experience. We are famous Agriculture Multi-Span Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse Tomato Greenhouse and Strawberry Greenhouse supplier and manufacturer in China. Our main products can be divided into two series, including Hydroponic Grow Equipmentslike Full completed grow tents and kits, Grow tables and trays, Grow bags, Seeding propagation, another series is Home Garden Products like Mini Greenhouses, Hanging planters, Garden waste bags and so on. Custom made Agriculture Multi-Span Arch Plastic Film Greenhouse Tomato Greenhouse and Strawberry Greenhouse to help build your perfect garden and hydroponic grow system.
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Offers everything you need to build complete gardening and hydroponic systems.

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Apr 19.2024
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Discover the Convenience of Grow Mat Discs, Protecting Your Plants While Reducing Water Evaporation
Apr 12.2024
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